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Pathogens’ detection

Soleris Next Generation

The Soleris® Next Generation (NG) System is now available offering rapid, automated microbial testing. Soleris NG brings together the best of both worlds, combining our existing Soleris and BioLumix® platforms to offer a more comprehensive range of testing applications across food, nutraceutical and cosmetic matrices.

Why Choose Soleris? Simple Protocol, Easy Workflow Using optical technology that combines simple methodology and classic microbiology, Soleris NG can provide accurate, reproducible detection of a variety of microorganisms, via our ready-to-use culture media vials.

ANSR Reader

The ANSR® reader makes reading molecular pathogen test results easy. The economical system has a small bench footprint and a procedure that requires no advanced microbiological training, making it easy to integrate into any laboratory work flow. With advanced DNA/RNA detection technology, results are provided more quickly than conventional methods like PCR. The reader is adaptable and scalable to fit many needs.